Our speech pathology team

Improving your abilities and maximising your quality of life

Our speech pathology team consists of specialists who assess, diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders.

If you require speech pathology during your stay with us, a speech pathologist will conduct an initial review to understand your specific needs. We will then work with you to set goals and develop a treatment plan. This may include individual exercises, face-to-face therapy or a program to continue with independently, if applicable.

Communication therapy can target speech, language, cognitive communication, voice and fluency. If you are having difficulty with swallowing, we can help develop safe swallowing techniques and recommend the best diet and fluids.

Therapy will be specific to your needs and goals, and may include:

  • establishing a reliable means of communication
  • increasing your speech clarity
  • cognition and memory support
  • management of swallowing disorders through education of safe swallow strategies, diet and/or fluid modification, and therapy to reduce the risk of aspiration (food or fluid entering the lungs)