It’s something most people take for granted but for Nick Shalley climbing the stairs of his Sydney home was a painful experience.

The 68-year-old had arthritis in both knees and needed a double knee replacement in late 2020.

Mr Shalley’s surgeon told him orthopaedic rehabilitation would be vital and after a visit to Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital at Warriewood on the Northern Beaches, the semi-retiree was sold.

“I was so impressed with what I saw that I thought this would make the whole process not just more effective but easier,” he says.

During his hospital stay, Mr Shalley underwent daily physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

“The rehab facilities and specialist physios are second to none,” he said. “And the hydrotherapy pool is beautiful – just enormous. It’s like getting into a lukewarm bath. “You get individual help and support at every session – and the whole experience is extremely supportive and effective,” he said.

“The hospital stay allowed me to focus on my rehab, relax and take care of myself – which was just what I needed after a big operation,” he said.

“The atmosphere and design of Arcadia Pittwater makes it feel more like a five-star hotel than a hospital,” he said.

While the rehabilitation facilities were exceptional, he credits the food and the caring, supportive staff as also being instrumental to his recovery. “The food was restaurant quality,” he says. “The staff were also extremely knowledgeable and supportive,” he said.

Mr Shalley said the physios ensured he could tackle his 60 stairs when he returned home. “I went from being quite immobile when I arrived to being confident and able to climb about 60 stairs without any difficulty at all on leaving – just as I had 20 years ago,” he said.

Mr Shalley recommends visiting the hospital in advance of any planned surgery and speaking with your surgeon about post-op rehab. “In my opinion the rehab is almost as important as the surgery itself,” he said.

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