Accreditation and quality

The patient comes first in all that we do

Hospital accreditation

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital is accredited to the eight National Safety and Quality Health Care Standards.

This is a mandatory requirement for all public and private healthcare facilities in Australia.

We were last re-accredited in August 2022 and our next accreditation audit and assessment will be due in mid 2025. 

Female physio smiling at rehabilitation patient at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital
Accreditation and quality workshop at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Quality standards and reporting

In keeping with our high quality standards, a consumer quality and risk report is available in all common areas of the hospital.

This report includes data on clinical outcomes, incidents, events, and feedback statistics, along with a brief summary. The report is published every three months and is available for review by patients and the general public.

If you are an inpatient, you can request access to this report via a member of staff, or if you are a family member or other interested individual, this can be requested via our contact page.

Our consultative approach to quality, care and planning

In addition to working closely with every patient and their family members or carers, we also have a consumer representative committee that meets four times a year.

The committee reviews our outcomes, incidents, and events. They will also provide feedback and structured comments on our operations and planning from a consumers’ perspective. They are also involved in our hospital’s strategic planning processes and review our patient information.

The role of our consumer representatives is to ensure all details and processes relating to the hospital are relevant, easy to read and access, and appropriate for the local community.

Female doctor talking to elderly male patient at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital