Reconditioning program

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Regain strength and condition following illness or surgery with our personalised reconditioning program

Different health conditions and medical illnesses can sometimes result in what’s known as “deconditioning”, which is a decline in physical strength and condition which impacts our independence. Staying physically active can help improve and maintain independence, and enhance your quality of life.

Our reconditioning program is designed to strengthen muscles, maintain balance and improve overall physical function to improve your ability to return independently to your normal activities of daily living.

Who the reconditioning program is for

Arcadia Pittwater’s inpatient reconditioning program is suitable for people:

who are recovering from an acute medical illness or surgery
have had an exacerbation of a chronic illness
who are experiencing an acute exacerbation of inflammatory arthritis with concurrent disability

Reconditioning programs are available as either inpatient programs or day programs.

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital’s reconditioning program
Patient in gym at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Enquire about our reconditioning program

Talk to your treating doctor about a referral to Arcadia Pittwater’s inpatient reconditioning program, or contact us directly for more information.

Attend our rehabilitation program as an inpatient or a day patient

Depending on your needs, our reconditioning rehabilitation program can be attended as an inpatient (where you stay at the hospital) or as a day patient.

Find out more about our post-rehabilitation wellness programs

At the end of your rehabilitation program, you have the option to continue your exercise regime by joining our day wellness program. This is a program of supervised independent exercise for one hour sessions in either the gym or the hydrotherapy pool.

Patient arriving in car for Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital’s wellness program

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