Getting ready to go home

When you’re ready to go home, we’ll make sure you’re ready, organised and have everything in place in advance.

If relevant, we’ll talk to you about your care arrangements at home, and make sure you have aids or assistance organised if needed.

If you’re going back to resuming normal activities, we’ll make sure you’re prepared with a gradual “return to home/work plan” that’s appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

Please let one of our friendly nursing staff know if you or your carers or loved ones have any questions regarding your discharge, and your care arrangements at home.

Patient talking to doctor at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital
Patient and staff member in corridor at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Packing up and day of discharge

Discharge normally occurs between 8.00 and 10.00am.
So please arrange your pick up and transport arrangements for an early to mid morning departure.

Before you leave the hospital, please make sure you have your:

  • personal belongings
  • X-rays/scans
  • current medications
  • follow-up appointment time or referral paperwork

Please see the reception staff before you leave to complete any discharge paperwork.

Pick up, parking and transport arrangements

There is a 15-minute patient pick up at the front entrance of the building which is reserved for people dropping off or picking up patients and their belongings. Parking is also available in our under-croft car park.

Our concierge can also assist if required.

Patient transport services are also available if required. Please contact reception for more information.

Patient getting into car after discharge from Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital