Referring a patient to Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Thank you for considering Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital for your patient’s treatment and care. Referring patients to Arcadia Pittwater is an easy, streamlined process.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have, help you pre-plan a referral, or guide or assist you in referring a patient directly to us.

Female doctor talking to elderly male patient at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Our step-by-step patient referral process

Who can refer a patient?

We accept referrals from Specialists, General Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals, and other public and private hospitals.

How do I refer a patient?

To initiate a patient referral request, please complete the referral form below and return it to us via fax [(02) 8919 3190] or email

Alternatively, you can also fax or email a relevant clinic letter.

Where do I find the referral form?

Here is the referral form PDF.

Please save the document to your computer or device before completing it and then email it to us at

What happens once I send a referral request?

We will contact the patient directly, and advise the patient and the referring doctor or hospital of admission availability.

Do you accept DVA, Third Party and Workers Comp patients?

Yes, we accept DVA patients, and Workers Compensation and Third Party Compensation cases with approval from the individual’s insurer.

How are health fund rebates and out of pocket expenses managed?

We will conduct a comprehensive Health Fund check prior to your patient’s admission and then inform them of their applicable cover and any additional expenses. There is no need for your patient to contact their Health Fund in advance.