Neurological rehabilitation program

Inpatient services

Improve mobility, function and independence with our inpatient neurological rehabilitation program

This program is designed for people who have experienced impairments due to a neurological condition. Symptoms might include fatigue, muscle weakness, poor coordination, difficulty multitasking, loss of sensation, poor balance, pain, and/or difficulty with speech and swallowing. These symptoms may be impacting everyday activities and compromising your quality of life.

Our approach to managing these symptoms will be based on your specific needs and goals. Our multidisciplinary team – which includes physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, speech pathologists, dietitians and occupational therapists – will conduct an assessment with you before developing a tailored rehabilitation program in consultation with you.

Nurse with patient doing neurological rehabilitation at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Specialist rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions or injuries

This program is suitable for people who:

  • have recently had a stroke
  • are living with a chronic neurological condition and have had a recent illness or injury associated with that condition
  • have recently been diagnosed with a new neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or motor neurone disease (MND) and need assistance and support
  • have Parkinson’s disease and associated difficulties with mobility or activity of daily living

Neurological rehabilitation programs are available as either inpatient programs or day programs.

Enquire about our neurological rehabilitation program

Talk to your treating doctor about a referral to Arcadia Pittwater for our inpatient neurological rehabilitation program, or contact us directly for more information.

Access rehabilitation services as a day patient or an inpatient

You can access neurological rehabilitation as an inpatient (where you stay at the hospital) or as a day patient.

Outside courtyard used by patients doing neurological rehabilitation at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital
Patients in hydrotherapy pool undertaking cardiopulmonary rehabilitation at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Our wellness program enables you to continue your exercise program

Learn more about opportunities to continue your exercise regime at the end of your rehabilitation program via our day wellness program, which is supervised independent exercise for one hour sessions in either the gym or the hydrotherapy pool.

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