Our hospital

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Offering Sydney’s Northern Beaches the next generation of patient care, rehabilitation and wellness

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital is an 85 bed sub-acute private hospital located at Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It provides rehabilitation, medical and palliative care services within a purpose-built five-star, hotel-style environment. The hospital provides specialist inpatient care and day programs that foster health and wellbeing.

Our comfortable rooms, superior meals and focus on wellness and recovery provide a unique environment to optimise patient recovery and outcomes.

The hospital opened in 2018, and it has quickly become a leading private rehabilitation hospital serving the needs of people living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Our mission

Arcadia Pittwater’s mission is to provide high-quality personalised care in partnership with our experienced medical staff. Our multidisciplinary approach supports patient recovery to optimise patient outcomes within a caring environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to set a new benchmark for private hospitals through the fusion of a purpose-built environment with the highest quality of care and hospitality standards.

Our team

Our doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners are highly experienced in their specialist care streams of rehabilitation medicine, medical, geriatric and palliative care.

Arcadia Pittwater: A hospital of choice

Did you know you can choose your own hospital for private rehabilitation or sub-acute care? Yes, it’s entirely your choice.

While you might receive complicated information from your insurer or hospital regarding ‘contracts and preferred arrangements’ and feel steered down a particular path – the choice of hospital is always yours.

Arcadia Pittwater provides specialised private hospital care for patients recovering from acute illness or surgery who need a specialised rehabilitation program. The facility has a state-of-the-art wellness, gymnasium and hydrotherapy centre which will maximise your functional recovery following all forms of acute illness and surgery, including hip and knee replacements.

If you would like to learn more about our specialist services or admission to Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital or are not sure what to do next, then give us a call. Our experienced and caring team is happy to help. We can also liaise with your hospital and seamlessly manage the next stage of your care.

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Part of a new generation of private hospitals focused on person-centred wellness

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital’s successful model of private hospital care based on person-centred wellness is now being replicated in other parts of Sydney.

A new hospital, modelled on Arcadia Pittwater’s success, has now been built in the Penrith Health Precinct in Western Sydney. Matilda Nepean, which was developed by Matilda Health Care, opened to patients in February 2023.