Rights and responsibilities

We uphold your rights as a patient, family member, carer or visitor

Your rights and responsibilities as a patient at Arcadia Pittwater

You can expect to have your health care rights respected and met as a patient at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital.

We follow the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Charter of Healthcare Rights (2019), under which you have a right to:

  • access (healthcare)
  • safety
  • respect
  • partnership (involvement)
  • information (receive at a level you understand)
  • privacy
  • provide feedback (without judgement)
Patient on frame and visitor at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital
Exercise physiologist in gym at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Working in partnership with our patients

We’ll work in partnership with you to enabling you to achieve the best possible clinical outcome during your stay.

We will involve you in the planning, detail and review of your care and goals. We may also involve you in the clinical handover between nursing shifts and other members of the healthcare team as appropriate.

We also want to provide a safe environment for you and your visitors, and welcome any input or concerns you may have at any time. To keep you safe and well during your stay with us, we ask you to:

  • report anything you feel may put you or others at risk
  • help us reduce the risk of infection to you or others by cleaning your hands frequently using either alcohol-based hand rub or washing your hands using soap and water
  • use the nurse call bell if in doubt about anything or feel unsafe – we are here to help and do not want you to fall
  • ask questions if you are unsure or concerned about your care at any time
  • let a member of the nursing team know if you are concerned that you are becoming unwell or that your condition is deteriorating
Patients and visitors in Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital cafe

Family, carer and visitor responsibilities

Your family, carers and visitors can also contribute to the quality and safety of the care you receive. We ask that they:

  • treat our staff with respect
  • comply with the visiting hours
  • report anything they feel may put you or others at risk
  • comply with COVID-19 prevention strategies
  • help us reduce the risk of infection to themselves, our patients and others
  • clean their hands using alcohol-based hand rub:
    • on entering and exiting the facility
    • when assisting you with any care
    • on entering or leaving a patient’s room
  • not visit if they are unwell, have recently been unwell or are caring for anyone at home who is unwell. We are particularly concerned about exposure to conditions such as gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhoea, colds or flu. If your visitors have potentially been exposed to these conditions, we ask that they not visit but keep in contact with you by phone instead
  • let a member of staff know if they are concerned that their family/friend is becoming unwell or that their condition is deteriorating