Spinal rehabilitation program

Inpatient services

Regain function and strength after spinal surgery or injury

Arcadia Pittwater’s inpatient spinal rehabilitation program is for individuals who are recovering from spinal surgery or have had a recent injury to the spine.

This specialist rehabilitation program is based on a multidisciplinary approach with input from your surgeon or specialist, rehabilitation consultant, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and/or hydrotherapist.

We will assess your function and limitations and discuss your goals with you, to develop a program specifically tailored to your ability, needs and goals. Your program is likely to include a gentle strengthening program for the core and affected muscles and a graded walking program with the aim of progressing towards a gradual return to your baseline function.

We maintain communication with your specialist throughout your admission to ensure your rehabilitation program supports and enhances your current treatment plan. You will have regular reviews with your rehabilitation consultant to monitor any pain and progression.

There is a strong focus on education throughout the program to help you understand your condition and enable you to return to everyday activities as your body continues to heal.

Spinal rehabilitation programs are available as either an inpatient program or day program.

Patient undertaking spinal rehabilitation in the gym at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

Enquire about our spinal rehabilitation program

Talk to your treating doctor about a referral to Arcadia Pittwater for our inpatient spinal rehabilitation program, or contact us directly for more information.

Access rehabilitation services as an inpatient or a day patient

Depending on your needs, rehabilitation programs can be accessed as an inpatient (where you stay at the hospital) or as a day patient.

Find out more about our day rehab and wellness programs

Learn more about our day rehabilitation programs, and opportunities to continue your exercise regime at the end of your rehab program via our day wellness program, which is supervised independent exercise for one hour sessions in either the gym or the hydrotherapy pool.

Patient undertaking spinal rehabilitation in the hydrotherapy pool at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital

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